Food Freedom: The Gourmet Cupcake Rule

Ever walk into the lunchroom during work and come face to face with some vanilla cupcakes with blue and green frosting? You make eye contact with the little guys and they start to seduce you with the glimmering frosting. You tell yourself, “one cupcake won’t kill me, won’t hurt me, won’t deter my journey”. You are about to reach for the cupcake… this moment you NEED to stop yourself.

No, this particular cupcake won’t do anything to you…except maybe make you feel a sugar rush. And that’s the thing, it will be a sugar rush as a result of a subpar grocery store cupcake. “Was that cupcake worth it, right now?”, you’ll ask as you ride the wave of sugar.

To aid in situations as described above that involve “Big Ticket Food Freedom” items such as cupcakes, donuts, pizza, pasta, ice cream etc. I use The “Best Gourmet Cupcake Rule” .

I know I am never going to say “YES THIS IS WORTH IT” to a grocery store cupcake in the lunchroom because it won’t be the best, unsurpassed, unbelievably scrumptious cupcake in the world. It’ll be sub par and being sub par isn’t a part of my food freedom. But what is a part of my food freedom is a gourmet cupcake with amazing frosting from an out of this world bakery that I REALLY REALLY WANT, at that moment in time.

The same can be applied to pizza, tacos, pasta etc. Food freedom is not just about the category of food…there’s so much more to it. You can’t just say “oh pizza is worth it to me”. You have to add context of “what kind of pizza”, “what’s the occasion”, and “will feeling shitty be worth it to me once I am finished eating”.

The “Best Gourmet Cupcake” rule is the way I get my brain to think “is this gonna be worth it after I am done eating it”.

So next time you find yourself in a “Big Ticket Food Freedom” worth it situation…apply the Best Gourmet Cupcake rule and ask yourself “WILL THIS BE THE BEST GOURMET….???” Trust me it works!


And to give you some context, here are some of the “worth its” I’ve had in my food freedom that I applied the “Best Gourmet Cupcake” rule to.





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Hi my name is Gabby, 28 and I work full-time as an accountant and I got my MBA part time while still working. I have always been one busy bee, even before graduate school. Post-undergrad, I worked at a public accounting firm AND was studying for my CPA. My first year post grad, working crazy hours and trying to pass a beast of exam, took a toll on my body, my mental capacity and brain power. I started the Whole30 journey in January 2016 and fell in love with how I felt. But let me tell you it took some adjustments like setting aside time to meal prep and realizing I may not be able to a make a certain recipe because I just don't have the time due to studying or busy season. A lot has changed since then, I've switched jobs and passed my exam, but one thing stays consistent...I stilllove to cook efficiently. I've yearned all my life to have that "I am sexy" confidence and with healthy eating and exercise, I'm getting there. I started this blog to help others who are in a similar position as me, who want to become the best version of themselves but with realistic expectations. For the busy moms, for the students, and for overworked accountant, these are my stories and recipes on how to live a simple easy whole life.

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