11 Hair Products That Are A Staple in My Life (September 2020)

As a blonde and as a hair enthusiast, I decided to share my list of haircare/hair tool staples that help ensure my hair is healthy and well maintained! Some of these items may surprise you, some may not. I also encourage you to read the description as my recommendations have advice & critiques. Enjoy! 1.Continue reading “11 Hair Products That Are A Staple in My Life (September 2020)”

How I met my Significant Other (The Non Rainbow Pooping Unicorn FULL STORY)

While yes this is that type of story, but I promise you if you keep reading you will see I share the big picture, not just the cutesy polaroid. I’ve never shared this story with you all but since its almost been a year and a half, I figure why not. So a lot ofContinue reading “How I met my Significant Other (The Non Rainbow Pooping Unicorn FULL STORY)”

Bacon Spinach Mushroom Egg Cups (Whole30/Paleo)

Nowadays I use my muffin tip for more egg related dishes than actually muffins, but c’est la vie. Eggs are one of the easiest proteins to work with and are actually super portable. This little recipe is a fan fav because not only does it taste amazing, but it looks super fancy for almost zeroContinue reading “Bacon Spinach Mushroom Egg Cups (Whole30/Paleo)”

Cinnamon Swirl Nutpods Review

I Don’t Want None Unless You Got Buns Hun…well Nicki Minaj & Sir Mix-A-Lot…WE GOT THEM BUNS. Before we get started quick shoutout to Jeff Bezos and Amazon for super fast delivery! Ok now on to the review portion of the new flavor of Cinnamon Swirl Nutpods! I will share my thoughts on three criteria….smell,Continue reading “Cinnamon Swirl Nutpods Review”

Everything But The Bagel Roasted Potatoes (Whole30/Paleo)

Need an easy tasty side dish….well try these Everything But the Bagel Roast Potatoes


I was roaming my freezer this Sunday trying to figure out what I was gonna make for breakfast this week. I wanted something truly easy, not messy and not highly involved. Then I hit me…time for a FRITTATA or Egg Bake…I’ve heard people came them both. But what was unique this time, was that IContinue reading “WHOLE30 HASH BROWN FRITTATA”

Baked Cinnamon Grapefruit

So fun fact…I’ve recently become a GRAPEFRUIT lover 😍. I love eating it all by itself but then this weekend I decided to bake them and add some cinnamon! Most recipes require sugar, honey or maple but honestly in my opinion you don’t need it! Seriously this little trick has taken grapefruit to another level!Continue reading “Baked Cinnamon Grapefruit”

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask Honest Review

Hey Guys! So you’ve probably seen this white jar of powdery clay in someone’s bathroom, or on instagram or on a list of 10 beauty products and wondered to yourself about it cause they whole thing cost $10. Can something that cheap be good….I asked the same question so I decided to find out forContinue reading “Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask Honest Review”