Whole30 Guide to Nut Milks & Nut Creamers

I am putting together this guide for those of you who are newer to the Whole30 Community and struggle finding out what brands are compliant and what’s not. This list is by no means all-inclusive and will be updated periodically. But here goes the Whole30 Guide to Nut Milks & Nut Creamers. Let me giveContinue reading “Whole30 Guide to Nut Milks & Nut Creamers”

Whole30 at Starbucks

So guys we all know that sugar is as sly as the devil and lurks EVERYWHERE. You would think that things like tea and coffee would be safe from the treacherous reaches of sugar, unless you are manually including them. WELL GUESS AGAIN. To help all of us in our fight against sugar as wellContinue reading “Whole30 at Starbucks”

Whole30 Plantain Taco Bake

-2 lbs of ground beef or ground chuck -2 more green than yellow plantains -1/2 of a white onion chopped -2 cans of diced tomatoes with green chiles -S&P -1 Tbsp cayenne pepper -1 Tbsp chili powder -1 Tbsp paprike -1 Tbsp cumin -1 Tbsp oregano -1 Tbsp garlic powder -ghee -2 eggs First preheatContinue reading “Whole30 Plantain Taco Bake”