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How to Save on Money on Your Whole30

Hey Guys! With January already looming I figured I’d share some of my personal knowledge to make your future Whole30 Rounds easier. Some of these tips can easily be applied to life after round so these are definitely worth a read. I split it up so there are generic tips and some more specific tips. Hope you guys find these helpful!

WARNING: Will some of these tips make your round a little harder…potentially because prep-work will be mandatory but in the end every dollar does count! You can make the choice whether you want to spend the money to make your life easier but you can no longer use the excuse “eating healthy is so expensive” because it just isn’t true!




  1. This is an after you buy, but freeze your leftovers…ie meal leftovers, coconut milk, homemade dressings. This is especially helpful for foods that can go bad like fresh fruit and veggies. Here is a list of fruits and veggies that can be easily frozen:
    •  bananas
    • berries (strawberries, blackberries, raspberries)
    • kiwis
    • apples
    • pineapples
    • mangoes
    • cherries
    • watermelon
    • grapes
    • peaches
    • papaya
    • oranges
    • onions
    • tomatoes
    • squash
    • pumpkin
    • spinach
    • chard
    • kale
    • green beans
    • broccoli
    • cauliflower
    • carrots
    • brussel sprouts
    • asparagus
    • beets
    • turnips
  2. Don’t shop at Whole Foods aka Whole Paycheck…be open to exploring other stores like Aldi, Costco, Amazon and your local grocery stores.
  3. Learn to eat the same meal a few times a week and change your mindset about what foods should be eaten during certain times of the day. For example, there is nothing wrong with having dinner leftovers as Whole30 breakfast the next day.
  4. Don’t shop for ingredients, but rather shop for a recipe. What I mean by this, is to first take inventory of what you already have at home, then look for a recipe, and only then go to the store to get the remaining ingredients. I strongly suggest Pinterest when “shopping for a recipe”.
  5. Don’t buy organic or grassfed. This is entirely up to you, but not a requirement of Whole30.
  6. Try to always be prepared with emergency snacks to avoid an emergency situation where you run to a convenience strong and pay an inflated price for a Chomps stick or Rx Bar.
  7. Stock up on the frozen veggies, they tend to be a very cost effective option. Just always make sure to read your ingredients!
  8. Shop the sales ads…seriously though. I started to seriously shop the sales and it has made a huge difference in getting the most bang for my buck especially for meat!


  1. Make your own homemade compliant mayo and ranch. Trust me this is a HUGE money saver. A jar of compliant mayo runs you at least $7….a big bottle of avocado oil or light tasting olive oil is around $10-$12 dollars and you can make at least 4 batches of mayo…same size as the jar. Also if you want the mayo to be even cheaper use Light Tasting Olive Oil instead of Avocado Oil.
  2. Avoid convenient bars like Rx Bars, Larabars, R bars, Chomps, Epic Bars etc and instead either make your own or think more basic snacks like veggies, eggs, nuts etc.
  3. Avoid Whole30approved product lines…there are a lot of options out there now that are still compliant and not endorsed by the Whole30. YOU DO NOT NEED THESE PRODUCTS TO BE SUCCESSFUL.
  4. Buy Nutpods at Home Goods, TJ Maxx & Marshalls or learn to drink coffee black!
  5. Shop generic brands for items like mustard, hot sauce, sparkling waters, certain spices etc. You’d be surprised how clean some of these generic brands can be.
  6. Buy raw nuts and roast them yourself…also buy these in bulk if you can. Costco has a huge bag of almonds that can last WEEKS for about 12 dollars. Trader Joe’s and Aldi are also great to buy smaller portions for raw nuts.
  7. Cook with eggs outside of breakfast! Get creative!
  8. Save your leftover bacon fat to cook in!
  9. Make your own ghee. Its surprisingly easy and super cost effective. All you really need is a sauce pan and a strainer.
  10. Make your own pasta sauce/marinara from canned tomato sauce!
  11. Canned salmon can be expensive, but mackerel is a good substitute!
  12. In all honesty, seafood can be pricey and if you’re not a huge seafood foodie, then you can easily avoid those recipes!




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Whole30 at Starbucks

So guys we all know that sugar is as sly as the devil and lurks EVERYWHERE. You would think that things like tea and coffee would be safe from the treacherous reaches of sugar, unless you are manually including them.


To help all of us in our fight against sugar as well as unnecessary additives in our teas and coffees, especially when on the go, I have compiled some necessary nuggets of information when ordering a beverage at Starbucks.


-So first off, basic black coffee (hot) or iced (make sure to say “unsweetened” when verbally ordering and to check your customization when ordering via mobile) is generally safe. You can go for any of the three roasts starbs has on hand. My personal fav is the blonde roast.

-Now if you don’t want just plain coffee, you can step up your game by ordering an Americano which is shots of espresso and water! I again recommend the blonde Americano…it just tastes smoother in my mind haha. This can also be ordered iced!

-Also important to note that the regular Starbucks Cold Brew and the Nitro Cold Brew have no sugar! Just remember to say no to the cream!

-Other drinks that involve coffee that can be considered compliant: espresso, doppio

***also to be noted the almond milk and coconut milk at Starbucks have sugar in the ingredients sadly


-So I just recently learned that any Iced Teas that are “Shaken” are sweetened so avoid those but there’s a BUT if you keep reading

-Also not all hot teas are compliant, so please note the following:

  • Compliant:
    • Comfort Wellness Tea
    • Emperor’s Cloud & Mist Green Tea
    • Jade Citrus Mint Green Tea
    • Organic Jade Citrus Mint Brewed Tea
    • Mint Majesty Herbal Brewed Tea
    • Royal English Breakfast Tea
    • Earl Grey Brewed Tea
    • Organic Chai Tea
  • Not Compliant (have sugar or other crap) :
    • Citrus Defender Tea
    • Defense Wellness Tea
    • Passion Tango Herbal Tea
    • Peach Tranquility Tea
    • Rev Up Wellness Brewed Tea
    • Youthberry White Tea

**This list is not all inclusive, but its a starting point

-Iced Teas can be made compliant if you say unsweetened or subtract the liquid cane sugar in the customization screen in the mobile order.  Examples include teas that can be made unsweetened and are compliant:

  • Black Tea (Iced)
  • Green Tea (Iced)
  • White Tea (Iced)
  • Passion Tango Tea (Iced)
  • Pineapple Black Tea (Iced)
  • Peach Citrus White Tea (Iced)
  • Strawberry Green Tea (Iced)


Hope this helps! I will be updating this list periodically

UPDATED 9/14/2018

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Whole30Compliant vs Whole30Approved

Want to know the difference between whole30approved vs. whole30compliant!?!

So I think of it this way….whole30compliant is a good or product that meets all of the whole30 guidelines…ingredients AND rules wise! (Whole30 Swypo is something that has compliant ingredients but as a whole based on the rules is not whole30compliant…think tortillas and banana pancakes etc). Whereas whole30approved is a good or product that meets the guidelines AND is endorsed with the whole30 stamp of approval.

Basically products that are whole30approved are also whole30compliant. But just because something is whole30compliant that DOES NOT MEAN its whole30approved.


Follow this link to get an up to date listing of all whole30approved products: LINK


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Whole30FFF – All Inclusive Resort


What did you say……..

Yes you heard correctly!

I managed to stay about 80 percent at an all-inclusive resort and it was surprisingly easy!

So how did I do it….

  1. I approached the trip with a plan…breakfast and lunch 100% compliant, while dinner was gonna be a “as best as I can, off plan”
  2. I avoided all desserts….they are not gonna be that good anyways, trust me.
  3. I focused on the fresh fruits and veggies as much as possible.
  4. I knew I could count on eggs for breakfasts…once I scoped out the grill area I was able to figure out that they do frittata’s, omelettes, etc in addition to the hard boiled eggs already available.
  5. For lunch, I bee-lined it for the grill for either grilled chicken or grilled burgers, making deconstructed chicken sandwiches or burgers.
  6. I drank alcohol, but I was super selective…I avoided the sugary drinks for the most part…sometimes indulging in one a day. But honestly I drank mostly vodka sodas or gin sodas with lime.
  7. I packed whole30/ whole30 swypo snacks! THIS IS A MUST.
  8. I still enjoyed myself because I treated the food as fuel!


Typical Breakfast: 2 hardboiled eggs, fruit, salsa and a piece of grilled meat

Typical Lunch: Fresh veggies, grilled chicken or grilled burger patty, salsa, mustard, fresh fruit

Typical Dinner: Meat & Veggies…avoiding all grains, pastas, etc.

And lots and lots of coffee!