Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask Honest Review

Hey Guys! So you’ve probably seen this white jar of powdery clay in someone’s bathroom, or on instagram or on a list of 10 beauty products and wondered to yourself about it cause they whole thing cost $10. Can something that cheap be good….I asked the same question so I decided to find out forContinue reading “Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask Honest Review”

Dating in today’s world….

You wanna know what has always bothered me about the dating world and more specifically online dating…that the go-to first date of choice always has be to be grabbing a drink. I get the convenience and the lack of commitment to it, but why does alcohol have to always be the activity of choice? IContinue reading “Dating in today’s world….”

Whole30 and Dating (It’s possible)

So I am writing this all down because I feel like I’ve gotten to be a pro at dating while doing a round of Whole30. My most recent bout with the dating world came late August/early September coincidentally when I decided to do my 8th round of Whole30. No this was not how this wasContinue reading “Whole30 and Dating (It’s possible)”