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Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask Honest Review

Hey Guys!

So you’ve probably seen this white jar of powdery clay in someone’s bathroom, or on instagram or on a list of 10 beauty products and wondered to yourself about it cause they whole thing cost $10.

Can something that cheap be good….I asked the same question so I decided to find out for myself!


So I ordered the clay mask off Amazon and it arrived promptly within 2 days (thanks amazon prime).  The tub was in a plastic baggie that was a little foggy but other than that no complaints.

I read the instructions that said to add equal parts water and apple cider vinegar to the clay. Honestly I eye-balled the amounts, but I wanna say I did 1/3 cup water to 1/3 cup ACV, and a good dump of the clay….estimating around 3 TSBPs.


The next step is very important, YOU MUST MIX the mixture well. I used a spoon to get out all the clumps. At this point, I did notice that the mix was a little too watery so I added a bit more clay.

I obviously made way to much for just one usage so I actually store the clay mask in the plastic container pictured to the right. I have noticed no difference in the mixture in the three weeks that it has been in the tupperware.

Now back to the mask. I had a face full of makeup on so I took it off with a makeup wipe and cleaned my face with some facial wash. I did not dry my face, as the mask is to be put on with a wet face.

I layered on the mask with my fingers and evenly coated it on my face. Let’s be real here for a minute…the mask is probably the ugliest color you have ever seen and when you’re putting green puke goop on your face for the first time, its kinda weird. For the first 5 minutes or so, you don’t really notice anything. There is no pulsating or tingling…at least in my experience. But once you are about 7 minutes in, you start to feel a tightening around your face and it’s getting harder to move your face. I like to think of this time as when my face is going through an extra strength power wash.  It’s not uncomfortable but it’s also definitely not relaxing. You will also notice that the mask is starting to change colors.


Once your face turns less puke green and more mint green, it’s time to wash it off. This should be around minute 15…I personally like to wait to until my entire face is that same shade of mint green. I washed off the mask with water…it did take some scrubbing but nothing too intense. After I took off the mask, my face was a nice shade of cherry red. This is absolutely normal! The redness wears off after about 20 minutes.

img_2358Overall results though are that my face automatically felt smoother. This could be my mind playing tricks on me but after consistent use for the three weeks (being 1x/2x a week) I also began to notice that the chin comodone that has been residing on my face began to soften. This could have been my imagination but I was actually able to pop some of it recently!

HONEST REVIEW: I would absolutely recommend purchasing the clay mask! It’s honestly a cheap buy that will keep on giving! For $10 bucks you can easily have a 100 masks! No joke! I think it would also be a fun gift to give as well because again who would think something that comes in a powdery clay would actually be a great product! So since it’s the holiday season, this white tub of magic would actually be a great budget friendly stocking stuffer, secret santa or yankee swap gift! And it really does leave your face feeling fantastic!

Feel free to add your thoughts in the comment section below and if you have any questions!


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Dating in today’s world….

You wanna know what has always bothered me about the dating world and more specifically online dating…that the go-to first date of choice always has be to be grabbing a drink. I get the convenience and the lack of commitment to it, but why does alcohol have to always be the activity of choice?

I have said this quite a few times, when you’re doing a round of whole30 or living that whole30 life, you can and should go be social and this does include dating! Is it easy…ummm no not at all. I will be the first to admit that I have done everything in my power to not go out on a date on my whole30. But the moment I decided this is my lifestyle now I was like heck why not. I will go into the food portion of dating another time, but today I want to focus on the drinking aspect especially with @Melissa_Hartwig’s campaign of “I’m not drinking right now”.


I am not a big drinker to be completely honest. I tend to have a drink if I am meeting a friend or if I am going out or if I am celebrating something, but drinking a glass of wine by myself at home has never been something I’ve done. This stems from the fact that alcohol has not had the best history in my family’s past and I personally have my own experiences with it that have traumatized me to this day. But that’s me! The fact that I am not a big drinker is and should be completely ok. Sadly not always the case…people can be very quick to judge but in the end I will always say “keep your eyes on your own cup”. My level of enjoyment is not based on what’s in my glass.


Now back to drinking and dating. Let me start with that in the beginning I would go along with the “Grab a drink and meet up” scenario and I would just order a seltzer water. Sometimes it was fine…but most of the time it wasn’t….I even had a date who got really upset that I wasn’t drinking. It was really awkward. I still stood my ground tho. I quickly learned that in order to make this work for me I should just be upfront.


Now if I really really don’t want to meet for a drink I say….”I’m doing a cleanse and I’m not drinking, do you mind if we meet for coffee”….if your date likes you enough and wants to meet, he/she shouldn’t have ANY issue with this. And if they do…well better to know now then waste your time. After the first date, you will be able to gauge if you want them to know your story…but again you DO NOT OWE THEM ANYTHING. Heck if you want maybe don’t say anything about it and use it as a screener test. ***Uses this idea on her next date.


Society is who society is and people are who they are. The standard has been “oh you’re not drinking, are you pregnant or are you a recovering alcoholic?” No I am just not drinking right now. Society will not change by itself, it’s us who have to stand our ground. You have the choice to say no. Let’s make sure we do!


So if you’re like me, single, riding in the online dating lane, and not drinking right now, let’s be the change and try to change the standard. Again if someone likes you, they will do everything in their power so that you like them back!




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Whole30 and Dating (It’s possible)

So I am writing this all down because I feel like I’ve gotten to be a pro at dating while doing a round of Whole30.

My most recent bout with the dating world came late August/early September coincidentally when I decided to do my 8th round of Whole30.

No this was not how this was supposed to go. Not even close.

I was seeing a gentleman for about 2 months in the summer, when I went to wedding at the end of August, I had this realization that we had no future, so I did the adult thing and ended it. There were myriads of things wrong…one of which was that this person made fun of my whole30ing and my insta and my blog. That was a huge red flag. So ladies, if your man doesn’t support you in this…you say “boi bye”.

Anyways, it was time to go back into the scary world of dating. Now let me also share some back story on my dating life. I have been single since April of 2016, when I broke off my first relationship (which lasted about 1.5 yrs).  I have dove into the realm of dating three times since then…August 2016, January 2017 and August 2017.

Ironically these dates coincide with rounds of whole30…I swear this happens by accident!

So now back to August 2017…I made the commitment to starting dating again hardcore…back on all the apps. Mind you, I was on 4…yes 4…no shame. I did Tinder, Bumble, Hinge and Coffee Meets Bagel. Then I realized I was starting the September Whole30 on September 6th…..crap. But I already committed to one so I might as well roll with it.

So here’s what I did.

  1. I decided that I was gonna be upfront with my date about my whole30. I would tell them I’m on a cleanse and that I can’t drink when we would start planning the date. Some took it really well….atleast in the beginning.  I’ve found that it’s better you’re upfront about not drinking alcohol then surprising your date at a bar with water and lying that you are on antibiotics (oooooops ). Now I would give very little detail from myself and only elaborate a little if the person asked/wanted to genuinely know more. This turned into a test…if the person actually cared to know more information…that made them more interesting. Same thing, if they respected my decision to do a “cleanse”. And I did not share that I live a whole30 lifestyle….remember you have to hide the crazy at first hahah!
  2. Date Plans – if the individual really wanted to get drinks, fine…I would just tell them that I was going to drink water. Again some treated the situation fine…others would have a fit….I’m not kidding…he had a fit. Suffice to say he did not get a date #2.
  3. Date Plans – if possible, I would take the upper hand in planning the date…that way I could choose what meshes the best with my whole30. Now some guys like this…others didn’t…but I guess that’s a gauge of their personality.
  4. Date Plans – if the individual is set on dinner (and I’m gonna be brutally honest…first date dinner dates are really hard so avoid if possible) try to see if you can figure out the place to go…be proactive in this. That way it’s not a surprise when you get there and there is nothing for you to eat.
  5. Actual Date – I tried to again talk very little about my whole30..keeping it vague…because your dietary quests/weight loss journey/health journey don’t need to be the focus of the first date.
  6. Now if your date makes it to the second, third or fourth…I would again follow the above rules and hopefully by that time your date would be respectful of your whole30.



-If you can get your date to go for coffee or brunch or non-food related activity you will be golden!

-If the individual honestly respects your whole30 (which not everyone does), he might be a keeper!

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A little about me…

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Gabby and I live in Chicago, IL. I am a 25 year old working professional in the field of accounting. I am very outgoing and vibrant and love to try new things. A few quirks about me:

  1. I love french bulldogs and corgis. I hope to own one of each sometime in the future!
  2. I can be quite shy in new settings, but once I throw myself out there I can’t reel myself in.
  3. I am 100% Polish and I am also fluent.
  4. I am single and currently hitting this weird thing we call the dating pool haha.

Now in regards to my weight loss journey. As with any story, there are some ups and downs. I hit my heaviest weight of 205lbs (I’m 5’8 btw) my freshman year of college. I was able to slim down to 185lbs my sophomore year and maintained that through my remaining three years.

But then all of a sudden, I stared working…and when I say working I mean nonstop. I worked in public accounting where the stress level is high, deadlines are plenty and there is never enough time. After my first real busy season wrapped, I went to visit a friend for graduation. When I saw myself in pictures, I was scared of what I saw. My arms were huge, my dress was tight and my face was very plump.

It took some time for me to really take my health and weight seriously, but it finally clicked in August of 2015. I signed up for Pure Barre and never looked back. I was able to loose about 15lbs and down to the 185s in about 4 months.

Then in January 2016, I did my first Whole30 and that’s when everything changed for me. In 30 days I went down from 185lbs to 176lbs. I hadn’t seen that number since high school. But it wasn’t just about the weight loss…it was how I started to feel. I felt invincible.

Fast forward about a year, I’ve done 6 rounds of Whole30, each being a little different and I have lost a total of 37 lbs since August 2015. I maintain a Whole30 lifestyle because this is how I feel my best. Also in terms of clothing, I went from a 10 in pants to almost a 6. I went from a 12 in dresses to an 8. I went from a large in tops to a medium or small.

But most importantly I gained self confidence, that I am pretty amazing, that I am, most importantly sexy and strong.