Whole30 Jalapeno Deviled Eggs

I call these puppers #Whole30 Jalapeno Deviled Eggs…they have a bit of a kick but if you like jalapeno #paleomayo…you’ll like these!


  • 5 HB eggs
  • 3 TBSPs Jalapeno Paleo Mayo
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Chili Powder
  • Red Pepper Flakes (for garnish)

First you separate the egg yolks into a bowl, add the jalapeno mayo, seasonings and mix together! You can easily just scope the mixture into the egg white shells or you can be fancy and pipe them! Although I have a piping kit, you can easily take a sandwich baggie and snip a corner and voila…a simple piping baggie. Now your Deviled Eggies can be a little fancy!


**You can use any paleo mayo recipe and add a roasted jalapeno to it, but if you want my recipe, its listed on an earlier blog post, but I’ve repeated it for your convenience here!


1. One room temperature egg

2. One cup of avocado oil or lighting tasting olive oil. DO NOT USE EVOO OR REGULAR OLIVE OIL. Trust me! I am a huge fan of chosen foods Avo Oil! Costco has that huge bottle for $10 right now!

3. 1/2 tsp salt

4. 1/2 tsp pepper

5. 1/2 tsp garlic powder

6. 1/2 onion powder

7. Juice of half a lemon or 2 TBSP vinegar (lemon gives a better taste but vinegar works in a pinch too)

8. 1 medium roasted jalapeño chopped (roast fresh jalapeño at 400F for 40 minutes). If the pepper is on the larger side, maybe don’t add all of it cause it might burn your tastebuds hahaha.

Start by measuring out your oil, then crack the egg into the oil and let it settle in the middle. Next add in spices, lemon juice and jalapeño. Place the immersion blender in the middle of the cup preferable above the egg. Blend and slowly move the immersion stick up. That’s it!




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Hi my name is Gabby, 28 and I work full-time as an accountant and I got my MBA part time while still working. I have always been one busy bee, even before graduate school. Post-undergrad, I worked at a public accounting firm AND was studying for my CPA. My first year post grad, working crazy hours and trying to pass a beast of exam, took a toll on my body, my mental capacity and brain power. I started the Whole30 journey in January 2016 and fell in love with how I felt. But let me tell you it took some adjustments like setting aside time to meal prep and realizing I may not be able to a make a certain recipe because I just don't have the time due to studying or busy season. A lot has changed since then, I've switched jobs and passed my exam, but one thing stays consistent...I stilllove to cook efficiently. I've yearned all my life to have that "I am sexy" confidence and with healthy eating and exercise, I'm getting there. I started this blog to help others who are in a similar position as me, who want to become the best version of themselves but with realistic expectations. For the busy moms, for the students, and for overworked accountant, these are my stories and recipes on how to live a simple easy whole life.

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