Whole30 Information

Whole30FFF – All Inclusive Resort


What did you say……..

Yes you heard correctly!

I managed to stay about 80 percent at an all-inclusive resort and it was surprisingly easy!

So how did I do it….

  1. I approached the trip with a plan…breakfast and lunch 100% compliant, while dinner was gonna be a “as best as I can, off plan”
  2. I avoided all desserts….they are not gonna be that good anyways, trust me.
  3. I focused on the fresh fruits and veggies as much as possible.
  4. I knew I could count on eggs for breakfasts…once I scoped out the grill area I was able to figure out that they do frittata’s, omelettes, etc in addition to the hard boiled eggs already available.
  5. For lunch, I bee-lined it for the grill for either grilled chicken or grilled burgers, making deconstructed chicken sandwiches or burgers.
  6. I drank alcohol, but I was super selective…I avoided the sugary drinks for the most part…sometimes indulging in one a day. But honestly I drank mostly vodka sodas or gin sodas with lime.
  7. I packed whole30/ whole30 swypo snacks! THIS IS A MUST.
  8. I still enjoyed myself because I treated the food as fuel!


Typical Breakfast: 2 hardboiled eggs, fruit, salsa and a piece of grilled meat

Typical Lunch: Fresh veggies, grilled chicken or grilled burger patty, salsa, mustard, fresh fruit

Typical Dinner: Meat & Veggies…avoiding all grains, pastas, etc.

And lots and lots of coffee!




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