The Best Whole30 Bacon

So first off….bacon…one of man’s best crunchy meats. The problem with most bacon is that it has added sugar….like why. Well we know why…its all about preservatives. But my theory is this, why add sugar to something that truly doesn’t need it.

So what if you LOVE bacon, but you’re doing a Whole30. Well go buy some compliant bacon….ok that’s easier said than done. Compliant bacon is a diamond in the rough. The ideal bacon would be sugar free and nitrate free…which would be awesome if most of us had the cash to pay $7 whole dollars for a slab. If you are abroad the nitrate fee train and don’t mind shelling out the cash, Penderson Farms is a god-send. You can buy it directly from them or Whole Foods.

But for those of us on a budget, like myself… no sorry, not gonna happen on a weekly basis. The two options that are the most budget friendly are: 1. Costco’s Kirkland brand Low Sodium Bacon (4 pack for $15) or 2. Aldi’s Low Sodium Bacon ($3.99 for a slab).

(I am always on the hunt for others but these are the only 2 I have found to date).

So now what to do with the bacon…I love love love crispy bacon so I have found that baking it, is the most efficient way. If you find yourself following this route, I suggest using a baking sheet and sheet rack as pictured about. The grease drips out and the bacon is nice and crispy. I bake the bacon at 425F degrees for about 30 minutes. But definitely keep an eye on it, just in case.


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